Dr. AbdulBaqi Al Khabouri
Job Title CEO

Dr. Khabouri is the president and CEO of NRCS, responsible for providing executive leadership to the Company and managing its growth. He has over 30 years of private and public sector experience in environmental studies, new technological development and project management of infrastructure projects throughout Oman and abroad. Having progressed through various leadership roles after joining MRMWR, Head office in 1993, Dr. Khabouri has served as the Director General of Water Resources Assessment, as executive lead of the first science park in Oman, Dr. Khabouri has established the first Innovation support systems in TRC Oman. Committed to revenue growth and client management, Dr. Khabouri passion is developing new work and driving strategic initiatives. He builds and maintains strong client relationships by establishing a clear understanding of expectations and maintaining open and honest communications. Dr. Khabouri earned bachelor of science in Petroleum Engineering degrees from the Tulsa University, USA. He has completed his Masters Degree in Hydro-geology from Norwich University, UK. Dr. Khabouri has completed his PhD in water management from UIA, Malaysia. Dr. Khabouri has served on the board of directors for CACE Oman and co founder of NRCS-Oman..