Job Title HR, Legal Advisor

Kumail’s job is to make sure that our organization focuses on having the best talent in the industry, and that those people want to be a part of NRCS—to stay and learn and grow. He also looks into the legal aspects of the business and makes sure that the company activities are in compliance with local and international laws and regulations.. He provides strategic leadership, vision, and direction. Their goal? To enable the business. Holding a Bachelor degree in law from the University of Sohar, and a Master degree from Buraimi University in general law. Kumail and his team are focused on our ability to attract, retain, and develop the right people for NRCS—those with strong technical knowledge and skills who are inspired by the work they do and are highly engaged with the organization. To do this, the organization will continue to build an inspiring, inclusive work environment that supports world-class talent. He also developed NRCS governance structure in line with the national legal frame work.