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About Us
NATURAL RESOURCES CONSULTANCY & Services (NRCS) is an Omani firm established in 2003 under the name of CENTURY ARCHITECTS CONSULTING ENGINEERS (CACE). With its experience in Oman in environmental management and  water resources, CACE has changed its identity to NRCS. This change highlights NRCS's focus on water related issues. NRCS has extended its profession to the environmental and water resources consultancy and services. In recent years NATURAL RESOURCES CONSULTANCY & Services (under CACE name) was engaged in a number of environmental projects including water resources assessment and management projects in Oman.
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NRCS provides a range of environmental as well as water resources services these are outlined below:

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Sustainable Development Plan (SDP) will be delivered. Also an Environmental Permit Application will be prepared to be presented to government authority with the EIA report.


NRCS provides a wide range of services extending from initial planning of a project up to its final completion stage including operation and maintenance.

Services provided by NRCS include:

○ Environmental planning and design.
○ Infrastructure planning and design.
○ Project planning, feasibility studies and economics appraisals.
○ Water supply, wastewater, treatment plants.
○ Construction management and supervision.
○ Irrigation schemes.
○ Surveys and investigations.
○ Geographical Information System based on ESRI ArcGIS.


NRCS provide a range of services in wastewater management, these include but not limited to:

○ Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply
○ Direct Discharge (includes NPDES and pretreatment discharges)
○ Indirect Discharge
○ Residuals Management
○ Underground Injection Control
○ Designer Licensing
○ WastewaterTreatment Facility Operator Certification


During the last years several extreme rainfall events have been frequently observed worldwide. Some of these events have lead to severe floods in different countries includingOman. The key issue involving flood and calamity management is the availability and operationality of technical decision support tools. Real-time flood forecasts are an essential tool for the management of flood events. The primary input for decision makers involves real-time advice taking account of: 

a) Trust worthy identification of potential flood events in the near future 
b) Detailed forecasts of flood magnitude, extends and timing for previously identified high risk events 
c) Reliable warning system. 

NRC in association with its International partners provides such services. This operational output contributes to increased preparedness in an upcoming flood event:

preventive/emergency measures can be taken, evacuation plans can be activated and even rescue operations and victim support can be arranged in advance.


Monitoring of the water resources (surface as well as groundwater) is a major requirement for understanding the resource availability. NRCS provides a range of services in water monitoring including:

○ Development of gauging networks for groundwater and surface water
○ On-line measurement, control and management systems for watercourses, sewer systems and coastal area
○ Groundwater level measurement
○  Saline water Intrusion assessment and Monitoring
○  Pollution analysis
○  Wire line monitoring of pollution movement
○ Periodic Water Quality monitoring
○ Insulation and maintenance of water loggers


NRC’s experience covers the full range of groundwater resources management services, from groundwater exploration and evaluation to design and operation of well field and pipelines. The protection of groundwater resources and interaction of groundwater and surface water is a recurring theme in much of the firm’s work, where the requirement for cost effective and practical solutions is needed. The services include:

○ Resources Evaluation
○ Well filed Management
○ Sources Protection
○Artificial Recharge


● Well Permitting and GeneralWater Resources Management Plans
● Water Revel Recovery Predictions
● Well field Protection Zones


NRCS has experience in groundwater pollution assessment involving organic, in organic and microbiological pollution. Much of this expertise has been gained at waste disposal sites and oil distribution stations. Active and Passive treatment technology has been employed in treatment of oil spill and other polluted waters to insure that the discharge meet local water quality standards. The firm is proficient in the planning, design, operation and aftercare of waste disposal sites and has proven capability in the use of contaminant systems and liners to protect vulnerable water resources. NRC offers a range of services such as:

○ Site Characterization
○ Pollution Plume and Modeling
○ Risk Assessment
○ Treatment Remediation
○ Waste Disposal


NRCS has extensive experience in modeling groundwater flow and pollutant movement. A range of Models are available for use, including MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3DMS,SEAWAT and other models which are customized for individual project needs. The services include but not limited to:

○ Evaluation of AquiferPerennial Yield and Recoverable Volume
○ Effect of Over Pumping
○ Effect of Sea WaterIntrusion
○ Impact of Different Management Measures
○ Pollution Plume Movement
○ Impact Assessment and Sources Protection
○ Contaminant Migration Pathway
○ Sources Pathway-Targeting Risk Assessment


● Drilling and Aquifer testing
● Contaminant Land Investigation
● Geophysical Interpretations
● Water Quality Sampling

The firm provides comprehensive services in hydro geological investigations including desk studies, exploration drilling, testing and sampling. NRCS experience covers the full spectrum of hydro geological environments from unconsolidated alluvial deposits to karstic basement rock formations in arid and semi- arid climates. NATURAL RESOURCES CONSULTANCY& SERVICES provides a comprehensive range of consultancy and management for all aspects of project development from inception through to implementation to the post commissioning stage. The company has at its disposal a team of highly qualified professionals who can provide services in the following areas:

○ Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
○ DecisionSupport System (DSS)
○ GeographicInformation Systems (GIS)
○ Ecosystem Simulation Modeling
○ Instrumentation
○ Integrated Catchment Management Planning
○ Feasibility studies of water structures
○ Training and technology transfer
○ Sustainable Management Services
○ Database Development and Management
○ Optimization
○ Land Use and Land Use Change

Hydrogeological Services in PDO Concession Area (Water Quality  and Water Level Monitoring)
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Consultancy Services for the study of the groundwater Modeling in the Nejd area
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Consultancy Service for the development of Inter Catchment Management Plan (ICMP)
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NRCS was involved in a number environmental management projects including  water assessment and management projects, you can view examples of them on our projects page
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